SQL Saturday Advice – Feedback and Raffles

At SQL Saturday #28, I was surprised to be given the speaker evaluations after my first session. One of the volunteers approached me and gave them to me, saying that I could have them and use them.

That surprises me since I think one of the things that people rarely do is give good feedback to speakers. Too often we design these nice forms and someone just gives all 4s or 5s. They just don’t think about it much.

I favor a simple feedback form, but I’d also include a raffle prize or two that can incent people to turn them in. I know it’s a pain to sort them out by speaker, but I think a simple session name/title, a ranking (1-3 or 1-5) and a comment would be nice.

Then draw some at the end of the day and give prizes. I suspect we’ll get more, though not necessarily better, feedback.

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