Colorado Wildfires

More than a few people have asked how I’m doing with all the fires in Colorado, so I wanted to drop a quick note. I’m fine and the family is safe. We are near Parker, CO, so not very close to the fires themselves.

We were affected slightly by the Springer Fire near Eleven Mile Canyon just west of Colorado Springs. I was supposed to attend Camp Alexander with my son as the Boy Scout summer camp a couple weeks ago. However as we arrived at the facility, it was being evacuated due to the proximity of that fire. We did go camping near Grays Peak instead, and I had a quiet, fairly unwired rest of the week at home.

The Colorado Springs fire (Waldo Canyon) is near the Air Force Academy, about 50mi SW of me, and not very close. The High Point fire near Fort Collins is a good 80-90 miles away from me, so that’s not a problem. The only close fire was the small Elbert fire about 30-40 miles South and slightly East of the ranch, but that was quickly contained.

All is well here, just hot and dry. Hoping for some moisture soon.

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