How Much for a Laugh?

I’ve supported a few fundraising efforts in the community over the years, including trying to raise money for a friend’s sick child.

Argenis Fernandez, friend, MVP, MCM, and well respected member of the community agreed to embarrass himself if a co-worker could raise money for Doctor’s Without Borders. The goal was $5k and was achieved in July, so Argenis was on the hook for the PASS Summit. However a few others in the community agreed to join and try to raise even more for charity.  Brent OzarAdam Machanic, and Grant Fritchey all agreed to Rainbow Leggings at the PASS Summit, with Gail Shaw sporting wings and a halo. I joined in as well to get to $10,000. There’s even a stretch goal of $25k, in which Gareth SwanepoelJason StrateEd Watson, and Kirsten Benzel will get SQL Server tattoos!

At $6500 in donations right now, I’m not sure I need to go shopping just yet. I hope I have to, and I’m counting on some of you wanting to contribute for the sake of a few laughs.

We have hundreds of thousands of you in the SQL Server community. I know not all of you see this as a cause that inspires you, but surely a few pictures of your speakers on stage, giving presentations in rainbow ensembles, is worth the $5 price of a drink and tip? I’m sure we can get to $25,000 to help this worthy cause, and have some fun along the way. And if this is a cause the speaks to you, I hope you’ll consider donating a bit more.

I’m going to wear the leggings, but I’m considering a few other decorative items. What would you like to see me wear in a rainbow theme? Drop a comment with your donation and I’ll take a look.

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  1. Nick H says:

    A matching rainbow Tutu


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