Graduation – An Exciting Day

It’s quite an exciting day for me today. My oldest son graduated college this morning, finishing his Bachelor’s degree and beginning the next phase of his life.

I’m quite proud of him and just wanted to put a few memories of him down related to data. He was the first kid in our household to seriously use a computer for school, and while his younger siblings are much more comfortable with computing than he is, we had some good times.

  • Setting up a networked computer and trying to limit access to various topics and sites on the Internet (a complete fail, BTW)
  • Reinstalling OSes for him after various viruses or other sites rendered computers unusable.
  • Discovering all my bandwidth was gone as my son found the wonders if BitTorrent.
  • Buying him a computer for Christmas, the first time I’d done that for someone.
  • Helping him learn some SQL as he studied GIS in college.

It’s been an amazing time watching him grow, learn, and mature into an adult.

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    What did he major in?


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