Quick Folder Size with PowerShell

This is a fairly simple idea, and one I’m sure many people have done in the past. Personally, I have tended to just hover a mouse over a folder when I want a size. That seems to work fairly well, but not only is it slow, it’s not programmatic.

2016-02-25 10_24_01-Settings

I saw Jose Barreto write a quick OneDrive size script in PowerShell (PoSh), and thought it was interesting. It didn’t work for me as I’ve moved the OneDrive folder to my D: drive, so I had to alter this to get information. However in doing so, I decided to play with a function.

Here’s the code I used, altering Jose’s slightly.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mike Fal, one of my go-to PoSh experts, I’ve removed the aliases for Dir and %.

function Get-FolderInfo($folder) {
$OneDrives = $folder
Get-ChildItem $OneDrives | ForEach-Object {
$OneDrive = $_
Get-ChildItem $OneDrive -Recurse -File -Force | ForEach-Object {
$Bytes += $_.Length
$Folders = (Get-ChildItem $OneDrive -Recurse -Directory -Force).Count
$GB = [System.Math]::Round($Bytes/1GB,2)
Write-Host “Folder ‘$OneDrive’ has $Folders folders, $Files files, $Bytes bytes ($GB GB)”

Note that I’ve passed in the folder name and then kept Jose’s code. This worked fine for me, as you can see below.

2016-02-25 10_24_11-Windows PowerShell ISE

The next step for me was to make this programmatic and useful. All that text isn’t helpful. What I really want is just a size. I guess I need a folder name as well, so I built a function to return that information. I merely changed the last line to:

  Write-Host “$GB”

I also moved this to the end of the function, rather than for each subfolder. With this change, I can now call this for a folder and get the size in GB returned.

2016-02-25 10_31_22-Windows PowerShell ISE

And this checks out from Windows

2016-02-25 10_31_16-Settings

I know there are better ways to write this function, but this was more of a programming exercise. This was really a 10 minute chance to practice and experiment a bit with PoSh and work on skills.

BTW, I used dot sourcing to load this as a function I could callIn love

2016-02-25 10_33_42-Jump List for VMware Workstation Pro

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