What’s Next for SQL Clone?

I think SQL Clone is a useful, handy product. It’s what I’ve needed in a number of organizations, or it’s what would have saved us (literally), $100,000s of dollars by avoiding larger SANs with snapshot technology. At one company, we actually bought a second six-figure SAN when our customer service people wanted a copy of our SQL Server database from a point in time overnight that they could use to respond to customer requests and test issues on the next day.

Now that v1 is out, and many of you were impressed by the demos and details from our Livestream launch, what should we do to the product?

Let us know: sqlclonefeedback@red-gate.com.

We are getting feedback from some customers, we are getting a few questions here and there in presentations, at conferences, and on Twitter. However, it helps to give feedback directly in a way that we can tally things up.

Do you need more than 2TB clones? Send us a quick email.

Do you need better permissions and security? Send a quick email.

Is there something else?

As much as I like getting feedback, and Grant does, it’s good to vote with your voice and send a note to the company. If you want a louder voice, send a few emails to the salespeople. They can really put some emphasis on feature requests.

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