Getting the Random Module in SQL Data Generator

This is a series on SQL Data Generator, covering some interesting scenarios I’ve run into. If you’ve never tried it, SQL Data Generator is a part of the SQL Toolbelt. Give it a try today with an evaluation today.

I have SQL Data Generator, and use it regularly to build quick  test data in non-trivial scenarios. One of the things I ran into recently was a minor bug, but one that’s been logged. Hopefully you won’t need this, but in case you do.

I was trying to use a Python script and return a random value from a list. My code was:

return random.choice(mylist)

This gave me an error.

2017-10-05 11_02_09-SQL Data Generator - New project _

No biggie, I’ll add “import random” to the top of the script. That didn’t help. Apparently the distro with SQL Data Generator is missing the random module for some reason.

Fortunately, I have Python 2.7 on my system. I clicked “Tools” and “Application Options” in SQL Data Generator.

2017-10-05 11_00_47-SQL Data Generator - New project _

This gave me a dialog. On the General tab, there’s a “Python” section. I added the path to my Python lib folder in here.

2017-10-05 11_01_00-Application Options

That worked fine. I didn’t need to import random; it was available. My script now worked.

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