SSMS Updates in 17.4

SSMS 17.4 is out, and if you haven’t upgraded from SQL 204, 2012, 2008, etc., you should do so. You can run your bundled SSMS side by side with the new versions, but it seems that the 17x versions are improving andbecoming more stable.

You can download the new version and use it for free. That alone should be a reason to update your workstations.

This update includes a few new interesting items.

  • Vulnerability Assessment – Scanning for security and misconfiguration issues
  • Always On Dashboard – New latency reports
  • Showplan – some fixes and new operator icons
  • XE Profiler – Very cool to see this being enhanced.

There are other updates and fixes as well. I’m sure there are some bugs, but for the most part, I think that SSMS 17.x is the way to go forward.

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