Adding the KeyMap Extension in SQL Operations Studio

I’m playing with SQL Operations Studio a bit to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. So far, I don’t love it over SSMS, but one of the main reasons is that many of my common keyboard shortcuts don’t work.

Then I saw this:

2018-04-11 15_42_23-Kevin Cunnane on Twitter_ _Any interest in contributing to an extension providin

You can download the extension from here, but you can’t click it to install. You need to follow this process.

First, click the File menu and select “Install Extension from VSIX Package”.

2018-04-11 15_36_30-● SQLQuery1 - SQL Operations Studio

Then find your download.

2018-04-11 15_36_42-Install from VSIX

In a few seconds, you should see the message at the top of SOS.

2018-04-11 15_36_50-● SQLQuery1 - SQL Operations Studio

Restart, and it should load.

As of when I installed it, only a few of the mappings were added. If you click the Extensions icon on the left (lowest box looking one) and then the extension, details pop in the pane. Click the Contributions link to see the commands.

2018-04-11 15_44_46-Extension_ SSMS Keymap - SQL Operations Studio

So far things seem to work, but I need to add a couple more for myself.

Of course, until SQL Prompt gets ported, not sure I want to spend a lot of time in this tool.

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