My Favorites from 2018

Recently we had a webinar with GrantKathiKendra, and myself to discuss the year in review. We talked about our favorite things from the year and made a few predictions for 2019. I like to do this myself every year, usually in a general sense, looking over the entire data platform and technology world. In our webinar, Kendra asked us about some favorites, and I thought I’d look back at memorable items for me in 2018.

I was lucky to attend a number of events this year. My speaking schedule was 25 events and 37 talks, a few of them virtual events. Around this I managed to get to 4 other events where I didn’t speak, 2 volleyball tournaments, and went on 5 family trips. A busy year, but with some exciting highlights. My two favorite talks were at security events in Cork and Washington DC. I had the chance to speak to a different audience about Database DevOps, and they were very interested and anxious to spread the word to their organizations.

My wardrobe didn’t get quite the same upgrade as Grant’s, but I did get one new shirt this year. Only one?? (perhaps more next year) Still, I had a great time at our SQL in the City Summits, which we’re planning to repeat next year. Stay tuned for dates, but we’ll likely run a number in the US, the UK, and one other country. Fingers are crossed as this will be a new country that I’ve never visited. I missed SQL Bits this year and will next year, but that’s my recommendation if you get budget to attend an event. With lots of flight deals, you might even find it costs as much to go to the UK as attend one of the large conferences in the US.

I have a great job with Redgate, and I really enjoy talking about our products when I can. This past year, with the GDPR coming into enforcement, has had me focused on our Protect and Preserve area. While I enjoy talking about Database DevOps overall, I gave quite a few SQL Provision demos, which is one of those amazing products that really changes how you proceed with development. I’m hoping this is a continued area of growth, both because I like the topic and product, but also I do think we need better data handling practices as an industry. Next year I hope to do more work in this area, and add in some container talks as well. I’m also thrilled with making a difference with suggestions and lobbying for the product teams. Clone Resets and Installed Versions were two of the items I’ve heard from you and suggested myself that were implemented. Keep the feedback and votes coming.

My least favorite moments of the year were losses in the community. I took a moment to mention this in an editorial, at the PASS Summit, and in the webinar. I didn’t know Stephen Hawking, but I do miss chatting with Tom Roush, Robert Davis, Aaron Lowe, and Naomi Williams. Unfortunately part of aging is losing friends and family. I added a section to Database Weekly for obituaries, and while I don’t relish adding links, let me know if someone passes.

I’m also excited about the new version of SQL Server 2019 coming. There are some fundamental changes coming in how we might process and query lots of data. I don’t know what I think of the Big Data Clusters and some other features as they’ll be 1.0 releases next year, I do think that this is a shift in how we might think about SQL Server that will affect us in the next decade. I certainly am looking forward to a more robust Linux feature set as well as how containers will change the way we work. If you haven’t looked at them, now might be the time to start.

Hopefully you’ve had a great 2018 and are looking forward to ringing in 2019 tonight. Stay safe and enjoy yourself.

Steve Jones

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