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Tomorrow I fly away again. Next week is our first 2019 SQL in the City Summit and I need a couple days to adjust to the time and prep, hence the trip starting tomorrow to get to the UK by Sunday. I’ll ensure that I say good bye to my wife and kids, and give them hugs before I go. I’ve done this dozens of times, and things always work out well. I’ll be back Wednesday and more hugs will ensue.
I don’t usually worry about travel, or really any major issues affecting my family. They do happen, and we’ve had our share of ER visits because of something, but I don’t worry about the potential issues. I do, however, appreciate every day I get with family as I have seen tragedy befall others. I have had too many friends die in their 40s to not respect the wonderful life I have.
I was reminded of this recently as I read Jim Donahue’s post about his father. It’s a look back at a trying year in his family. I won’t repeat things here, but it’s worth a read, and maybe send him a virtual hug and support. I can sympathize with both Jim and his father about the struggles of aging. I feel it often myself, and I know that life will continue to get tougher through the years, both for me, my family, and friends.
I strive to enjoy the small things in life. The little parts that pass me by each day and I can appreciate. The joy of our dogs, the satisfaction of a success at work, even the wonderful pictures I see friends post online. As busy as life can be, it’s important to stop and enjoy many parts of it, smile at the world when you’re happy, look forward to better times when you’re not, and make time for family and friends.
I’ll be away this weekend, but I’ll communicate with my family, enjoy some time with friends, and hope to smile and chat with some strangers in my travels. Life is amazing, but so much more so when you make an effort to appreciate how beautiful the world can be when you stop and smell the roses.
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