Salaries in Job Ads

Hiring at Basecamp is interesting. I caught this interview and think it’s a good look at a process most of us have gone through, but perhaps not thought about. Maybe we ought to try and not start out our relationship as employer/employee with a “I got one over on you”.

Of course, many companies are not interested in treating employees well and just assume they’ll hire/fire/turnover often. Makes sense in some places (McDonalds type work), but less sense in our industry.

I do think that we hide salaries too much in our industry. Certainly this aids in favoritism and entitlement for works with seniority. I’d really prefer to see salary ranges published for jobs, both internally and in the description. And not some huge range, but put something like a junior DBA from US$35,000-50,000. Or whatever range you think is appropriate.

This would do a few things for me. First, it ensures that candidates that want to work for that range will apply. It also ensures you don’t waste time with a developer that wants to move to DBA work, but really needs $70,000 for their financial commitments. This also helps you determine if you’re range is correct for the market.

I am a big proponent of disclosing more info up front and finding a good match between employer and employee.

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