T-SQL Tuesday Live–7 Apr 2020

Last week went a little crazy, and I learned something: don’t post a Zoom link on Twitter. My apologies to anyone that wanted to join and had things go sideways. It took me about five minutes to mute everyone and kick people off.

We ended up having a great call with just 4 of us, and it was good to touch base and talk through some of the changes in the world.

This week I’m going to continue with the call. We had very little technical discussion, and I’m going to skip a technical theme this week and stick with a general touch base, health check, and community connection focus. We’re going to try and keep things civil and interesting.

To try and prevent any craziness, I’m going to put a password on the meeting. Those of you that are data professionals should be able to answer this question for the password: what is the name of the type of index that isn’t stored in a row store? Enter just the first part, lower case (Hint: ______store index).

The meeting isn’t hotlinked on purpose, as it’s not a complete URL. Zoom security is a thing.

Call Details:

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