Cleaning Up Registered Servers

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

I was working with Get-DbaRegServer from dbatools and got some errors. When I dug through the errors, I noticed some interesting items listed in my server list. This is what I saw:

2020-03-30 10_18_14-cmd - powershell (Admin)

While all the servernames are valid, the names are a little silly. I initially thought some of these were the reason for my errors with the cmdlet, but they weren’t. Still, I want to remove a few of these.

I can likely find these in the registry or elsewhere, but there’s an way way to see this: SSMS. Under the View menu, there is a Registered Servers item.

2020-03-30 10_22_23-

Clicking this will get me a new pane, where the Object Explorer lives.

2020-03-30 10_22_35-Solution1 - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

If I expand this, I see a few categories, including my Azure Data Studio (ADS) connections and groups. It’s a nice way to see what’s registered.

2020-03-30 10_22_44-Solution1 - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

For the Local Server Groups for SSMS, I can highlight an instance and click “delete” to remove it. You get a confirmation dialog, but it’s removed. I can this in PoSh. Instance001 and 002 are gone.

2020-03-30 10_29_47-cmd - powershell (Admin)

I can’t, however, remove the ADS ones. I get this with a right click (nothing with Delete).

2020-03-30 10_27_29-Solution1 - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

The integrations between SSMS and ADS do not extend to altering the connections.

Simple stuff, but handy to have around, especially over time as you add lots of registrations over time.


This took about 3-4 minutes to figure out as a part of other things I was doing, but I made a few notes and then spent 10 minutes writing this up and taking screenshots.

This is a good place to start blogging if you want to get going.

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