May the Force Be With You

I’ve never done much more than give a passing smile when I see all the posts and notes about May 4th from geeks around the world. I was a huge Star Wars fan as a child, and the original is still probably the movie I’ve seen more times than any other. Life has moved on, and while I haven’t been a s big a fan as an adult, being shut in at home has me thinking about Star Wars today, and the good luck saying, “May the force be with you. Always.”

I loved the original trilogy growing up, was disappointed, but slogged through the prequels with my oldest. I watched the Force Awakens in Cape Canaveral with my middle son in the theater after seeing SpaceX launch and successfully recover their first reusable rocket. We were both a little disappointed in that one, not from the effects and action, but more from the writing, which seemed to drag on.

Since that time, I haven’t seen any of the other films in the theater. In fact, I’ve watched most of them on an airplane, traveling from one place to another. Since I’m not traveling now, I’m thinking to actually go re-watch some of these films on a larger screen, with better lighting. I’m hoping some immersion in a series of films will take my mind away from some of the stress and strangeness of the real world.

I’m sure some of you are big fans to this day, some may not have seen all (or any) of the films. Today, as we start another work week, I’m taking a little break from the technical world I’ll spend most of the day in and looking at a fantastic, highly technologically advanced, geeky Star Wars universe. Do you have favorite films or technology? Any films or characters that stand out to you? I have to admit I was always a big fan of the land speeder, though the pod racing in The Phantom Menace was exiting to me.

On this Star Wars day, with a world we might want to forget, share some Star Wars memories today.

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