Daily Coping 19 Jun 2020

I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to the Community Circle, which is helping me deal with the issues in the world. I’m adding my responses for each day here.

Today’s tip is to appreciate the joy of nature and the beauty in the world around.

I’m blessed in that I live closer to nature than most. I live on a horse ranch, with lots of wide open space around. Wildlife regularly passes across my property, and I get to interact with non humans.

I’m not a horse rider (much), but I appreciate their beauty, grace, and power. I don’t have too many chores anymore, but I have had more during the pandemic. One thing I had to do recently was feed the horses while my wife was out of town.

This was my view, during lunch one day. A break from the office.


A breath of fresh air, and an understanding that there is more than technology, airplanes, and my gym.

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2 Responses to Daily Coping 19 Jun 2020

  1. Thierry Van Durme says:

    That’s one awesome view! I hope people learn at least one thing about this pandemic (and don’t forget once it’s over). Respect and enjoy our planet (and the whole universe for that matter)


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