Better Garmin Data Backup with MapMyRun

I don’t know that I want to do this every day, but it’s good to know I can grab my Garmin workout data and save it elsewhere. While Garmin was having issues, I went on a test walk with my dog. Actually, a therapeutic walk as she’s recovering from surgery. In any case, I did a short one, tracking the activity. While it didn’t upload, I did back up my data.

As of a few days later, Garmin still wasn’t syncing data, but I found that MapMyRun will accept the data. After seeing someone else note Strava and other services accept Garmin data, I decided to test it out.

On the main page, I usually do a “Log my workout” and manually enter some data after each activity. I’m not looking for details, just the date, activity, and duration. I don’t worry getting too specific. However, I noticed there is an “Import” to the right.

2020-07-27 09_18_35-MapMyRun

If I click that, I see a few services listed. The one I want is the “Import Workout” button (again).

2020-07-27 11_50_07-MapMyRun

When I click that, I get the option to pick a file.

2020-07-27 11_50_14-MapMyRun

I uploaded my file, and I see lots of data, including the route and altitude info overlaid with my heart rate.

2020-07-27 09_14_17-Walked 0.11 mi on 07_24_20 on 07_24_2020 _ RUNNING Training Log Entry _ MapMyRun

I may have to try doing this with a few other workouts and see how they do. While entering a little data isn’t bad, it might be nice to see my heart rate over here across time, just in case I have some sort of other issue with Garmin.

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