Adding ApplicationIntent=readonly to SQL Data Compare

Recently someone asked a good question about SQL Data Compare. How can they add applicationintent to the connection?

If you are using Data Compare, and you are reading from production systems, load is a concern. With Availability Groups (AG), we can point SQL Data Compare to the secondary replicas and limit the load on the writable primary. How can we do that? Well, it’s actually easy.

We have a doc page for encrypted connections, and we can use the same type of action to work with AGs.

In a new project, I typically see something like this:

2020-09-04 12_04_43-New project_

What I can do is edit the server connection on the right. Just click in there, and then add this:


This will add the option in the connection string.

2020-09-04 11_51_37-New project_

If I open the project file, I will see the XML, where I can also edit these connections if desired.

2020-09-04 12_09_42-E__Documents_SQL Data Compare_SharedProjects_(local)_SQL2017.SimpleTalk_1_Dev v

I can do this for any of the options I need for connection strings.

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