It’s nearing the end of the year, and usually this is a time where I look back at the current year and then forward to the new one. I’ll do some of that from a technical standpoint the last week of the year, but this week I wanted to do this from a personal standpoint.

I read Jen McCown’s “Reflections Not Resolutions” recently and it stood out to me as a way to look back at my life and career. Jen takes a moment to think about how her life and career may have gone, without much judgment, but with some appreciation. A positive view.

For me, I think professionally I turned inward a bit this year. Without events to go to, no travel, and struggles to cope at times, I could view my professional year like this:

  • I didn’t travel at all for work, but I did keep presenting at virtual events, and even learned to enjoy the experience, something I’ve disliked in the past.
  • I am amazed that I’ve written over 180 coping tips as part of the Redgate Community Circle, and used them to help me maintain productivity.
  • I struggled with maintaining connections with individuals and teams at Redgate, but I learned to appreciate how valuable those connections are. I am also looking forward to finding ways to improve this.

Personally, I found some insightful things.

  • The only airplane trip I had this year was before the pandemic, getting family together for my wife’s birthday in Las Vegas. Despite the effort, hassles, and money, I see the value in celebrating events together
  • I learned to listen, sympathize, and allow my kids to struggle with virtual school while just enjoying the chance to be with them
  • Coaching is a real joy for me. Having the spring season cut short, and next year’s season move was a challenge, but I really have enjoyed the limited opportunities I had to work with 2 groups of young athletes.
  • I rode horses more this year than ever before, acquiring a small modicum of skill, but enjoying the time to be with my wife in nature.

I’ll save my wishes for another day, but it was good for me to think about the losses, changes, gains, good times, and bad as I tried to put these thoughts down. I hope you take a few minutes and try it as well.

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