Back to Basics, Reaching for the Clouds, and Leveling Up

The three themes for speakers at this year’s PASS Data Community Summit are: Back to Basics, Reach for the Clouds, and Level Up. The goal here is content that covers a wide variety of areas, with many fewer restrictions from previous years. Perhaps the big thing to note for this year’s event is:


That’s right, this year’s Summit is free for the general conference. That should boost attendance, and it might mean some incredible audiences for this year’s speakers. I’d recommend you submit something and take a chance, as there are opportunities ranging from 10 minute lightning talks to 2 1/2 hour half day sessions. This is a great chance to speak at the largest Microsoft Data Platform focused conference out there. There are also pre-conference sessions. They’ll cost something, but with all the proceeds going to the speakers, I’m looking to support someone that will teach me a few new skills.

We all need fundamentals, and the idea in Back to Basics is practical, day-to-day solutions. All of us build those on a regular basis. What creative, solid solutions have you implemented at work? What code or configuration do you rely on to keep your business moving? Those are the topics to share with others.

The cloud has really started to prove it’s a fantastic solution for many organizations. Not for everything, but for many things. The modern data professional needs to know about the cloud, and when to move or not move. Many of us have been excited by the cloud, and plenty forced into adopting it, but there are lessons and experiences to be shared here. Good and bad.

Level Up is the internal Redgate Software conference, where we look to improve skills. It’s a theme here where we try to help people advance their careers in some way, whether that’s a technical skill, a soft skill technique, or a new way of thinking. I’m glad to see that among the tracks, we have both a Professional Development and a DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) track. Both are ways to help us round out our ability to work in a team. I hope to see lots of “Level Up” type sessions, both technical and non technical, delivered this fall.

I wasn’t sure there ever would be a Summit again, and I am glad that we have a chance to get a large group of incredibly talented speakers and attendees that all care about data, databases, and building better systems, reports, and employees. I’m excited by the free online Summit, and I look forward to a hybrid event in 2022 when we get the chance to connect and smile in person again.

Steve Jones

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3 Responses to Back to Basics, Reaching for the Clouds, and Leveling Up

  1. Jeff Moden says:

    Since I’m doing submittals for some extremely advanced T-SQL and index maintenance, let me ask if “Level Up” is the correct category for what I’m submitting?


  2. way0utwest says:

    I think that’s the right category. There are always advanced people needing more skills, or more leveling up with their peers.


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