Halfway through the craziness

Awhile back I wrote about my crazy schedule. I’m about halfway through. The last couple months have been:

  • London (SQL Bits)
  • Syracuse (daughter visit)
  • Las Vegas (volleyball)
  • Chicago (volleyball)
  • Los Angeles (work)
  • Reno (volleyball)
  • Cambridge/Brussels (work/Techorama)
  • ankle surgery
  • Amsterdam/Lingen (Datagrillen)

I’m on that last trip now, with the speaker dinner tonight for DataGrillen. From here I have:

  • Fort Robinson, NE ( camping vacation)
  • Austin (VS Live)
  • Austin (work, separate trip)
  • Indian Creek (camping vacation)

All in June. Then a break before:

  • New Jersey (SQL Saturday)
  • Baton Rouge (SQL Saturday)
  • Redmond (VS Live)
  • Los Angeles (tentative)
  • Hawaii (vacation)

That gets me through the summer. September will have some travel back to the UK and perhaps elsewhere, but Sept and Oct are fuzzy.

It’s a crazy life at times, but at the same time, it’s an amazing one. I’m having fun, I love getting to experience new place and culture with my wife, see friend and meet new people at events, and keep busy.

Tough at times, but overall, it’s my choice and I am managing my career with my boss. I’m also enjoying 2022.

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1 Response to Halfway through the craziness

  1. pianorayk says:

    I’ll see you in NJ next month!


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