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How Important is a Conference?

The PASS Virtual Summit is coming up next month, and Andy has a few thoughts on how to get your employer to send you to the virtual conference. As someone that has been through this many times, Andy has good … Continue reading

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Moving in the Post Pandemic World

After a few months of the pandemic lockdown this year, my company gave people the option of leaving the local area where our headquarters is located and moving to another part of England. Actually, since we aren’t planning on anyone … Continue reading

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The Habits of Better Teams

As a developer, I’ve often worked with a team of others, where we discussed the software we were building, what architectures and patterns to adopt, etc. While we all learned to work together, there were plenty of times that it … Continue reading

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Debating #PASSSummit Pre Cons for Monday

I’ll be speaking at the PASS Summit in 2020, and I have some things to prepare for that. I get a conference admission for the event and access for a year, so I’m not too pressed to spend 3 days … Continue reading

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