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The Senior Advantage

The senior advantage means more to me all the time, though often I feel there are more disadvantages to being around longer than advantages. Getting older is hard, especially physically, and I struggle with that. Having more wisdom, more tolerance, … Continue reading

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Goal Progress for Jan 2023

The grade for January is a D. Details below, but just not making a lot of progress in these areas. I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022. Reviewing … Continue reading

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Speakers Are Normal People

The #SQLFamily is amazing, at least I think it is. Like many families, it’s welcoming, supportive, and comforting. It’s also maddening, frustrating, and exacerbating at times. Like most families, or at least the ones I know, it’s not perfect, but … Continue reading

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Knowing Your Technologies

A while back I ran across a blog post that talks about the difference between database snapshots and database backups. There are certainly some similarities and some differences, as well as an overlap in the places where you might choose … Continue reading

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