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The Best Days

I recently asked about the worst days in your career, so today let’s turn it around. What are the best days of your career? If you can give us a list of 2 or 3 days, projects, accomplishments, etc., it might … Continue reading

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Maintain Your Trustworthiness

Many of us that are DBAs and/or sysadmins find ourselves with privileged access to many systems. We can often read the data that’s stored in these systems, whether that’s a relational database, a NoSQL store, or even a mail system. … Continue reading

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Unwired for Weeks

I took a few weeks off recently for a vacation with my family. We traveled from Denver to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and then on to Glacier National Park in Montana. We drove a horse trailer, camping along the way in the vast outdoors … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Failure and of Being Unwired

Today is my last day at work for a couple weeks. Actually, I’m not done yet. I travel to Louisville today forthe SQL Saturday tomorrow and then I return home Sunday. I’ll be traveling away on Monday, so this is … Continue reading

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Information Technology is a place that I think could be a very good career for many people. Our working conditions are good, the pay is above average, and we can continue to do this job for most of our lives. … Continue reading

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Mastering Index Tuning–Day 1

This is a short series of posts on the courses I took with Brent Ozar. I actually completed the courses in the past, but I wrote notes and wanted to revisit the way things went. I started with the Mastering … Continue reading

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Republish: When Work Gets in the Way of Work

Coming back from Ireland today and the last day of vacation. A republish if When Work Gets in the Way of Work.

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Republish: Closer to the Heart

One of my favorite Rush songs, but also an editorial. I’m in Ireland with my wife, so it’s being re-run.

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Lessons for all of us

I write a fair amount about career issues. It’s one of the largest tags in my word cloud, and I’m proud of that. I’ve seen too many people in bad jobs for too long, had a few myself, watched my wife … Continue reading

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Editorial Republish: Mercenary

I’m out at the Redgate Data Privacy Summit today, so I’ve republished Mercenary.

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