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Updating to SQL Change Automation

The SQL Change Automation release was early this week.  This is replacing ReadyRoll and our DLM Automation products, rolling them into a single product and is the first stage of unifying our state and migration based solutions. When I logged … Continue reading

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Moving Lookup Data with ReadyRoll

I’ve been using ReadyRoll for a small project and wanted to move some lookup data. There are some tables where I want to keep data in sync across environments, so if my build and release pipeline can do this, great. … Continue reading

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Live on Channel 9 with ReadyRoll

I was interviewed in Redmond a couple months ago and the video was just published. I show and demo some database migration work with ReadyRoll in this video: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Visual-Studio-Toolbox/Database-DevOps-with-RedGate-ReadyRoll/player

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#ReadyRoll at #SQLintheCity

When Redgate purchased ReadyRoll a few years ago, I wasn’t sure this was a great idea. After all, SQL Source Control and DLM Automation work really well to bundle up changes in a VCS and easily deploy them. However, as … Continue reading

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Using ReadyRoll to Automate Database Migrations

I like ReadyRoll, and this week at SQL in the City 2017, I get to show some of the product off. I’ll be doing mostly demos and coding, live, with ReadyRoll, sending my code through from development to QA to … Continue reading

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Getting Team City working with BitBucket

As a part of building a CI/CD home lab, I set up TeamCity in the past. I plan on using this for multiple projects, and in fact, I’d built a basic Hello, World C# application as my first build. Now … Continue reading

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ReadyRoll and Octopus Deploy Webinar

I’ll be hosting a webinar next week, Thursday, July 28, with Daniel Nolan (t) (founder of ReadyRoll and fellow Redgate employee) and Damian Brady (b | t) of Octopus Deploy. We’ll be talking deployment, with demos to show you how … Continue reading

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Adding the ReadyRoll Extension in VSTS

As I’m doing a little development with ReadyRoll, I’m documenting some of the things I learn about the product. A few weeks ago I needed to do a demo with ReadyRoll for Redgate Software. I built a new project, and … Continue reading

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Better ReadyRoll Script Naming

One of the things that I like about ReadyRoll is that the product will automatically build new scripts that are named in a sequential order. This usually results in a few scripts that look like this: As you can see, … Continue reading

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Starting ReadyRoll with an Existing DB

I’ve been working with ReadyRoll quite a bit the last few months, and wanted to start putting out some information. I’m looking to do a longer series, but here’s a quick post on getting started. When you install ReadyRoll, you … Continue reading

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