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Cloud Safe

I saw a question recently from an individual that was trying to decide if it made sense to move their databases to the cloud. In this case, management wanted to move, but the technical staff had concerns about Disaster Recovery … Continue reading

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A Double Dose of Trouble

It’s Friday the 13th, during the month of October. Halloween, a strange holiday associated with horrible events, and Friday the 13th, a bad luck day, are happening this month. Both are associated with horror movies, implying that this isn’t necessarily a good month for … Continue reading

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Backup Plans for Data Loss

The British Airways computer failure has been on my mind for a few weeks. It seems like such an epic failure in 2017 from a high public company that many, many people depend on. I still struggle to believe the … Continue reading

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The Need for DRE

“Today’s database professionals must be engineers, not administrators” That’s a quote from an interview at O’Reilly on Database Reliability Engineering. I don’t want to quibble about whether those of us working in technology are engineers in name or not, but … Continue reading

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A Bad First Day

I’ve started quite a few jobs throughout my career. In college, I worked in a variety of restaurants, changing employers at the start of every summer and again at the start of the school year. At some of those positions, … Continue reading

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Big Power Issues

Recently British Airways had a massive computer failure and had to cancel hundreds of flights across a couple days. This was a large disruption for travel as tens of thousands of passengers were stranded around the world. In addition to … Continue reading

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The Quiet Zone

I’ve been in a data center when most servers turned off. I’ve actually heard dozens of systems powered off quickly, and it’s a strange sound. You become so used to the white noise of numerous fans that having them turned … Continue reading

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Data Loss or Downtime

This editorial was originally published on Jan 7, 2011. It is being re-run as Steve is on vacation. I was watching Kimberly Tripp of SQL Skills talk recently about VLDB disasters and how to recover from them. One of the first things … Continue reading

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Two Days Off

I almost couldn’t believe this when I saw the article. The Verizon Cloud is shutting down for 48 hours. Apparently they have maintenance scheduled for this weekend and notified their customers that their virtual machines will be shut down early Saturday … Continue reading

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Test Your Situation

I gave a talk on Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) recently and a number of people in the audience were using the feature. However when I asked how many of them had restored a TDE database, not all hands remained up. … Continue reading

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