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Office Upgrade – A Secret Lab Chair

Last year I wandered over to Glenn Berry’s house for some lunch and a chat. While I got to see his home brewing setup and the latest in computer hardware, one of the neat things that stood out was a … Continue reading

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A Byte of Redgate–Bonus Queso Recipe

As part of the Community Circle effort at Redgate, we’ve released a cookbook: A Byte of Redgate. You can read about the story in this blog, and it was a fun project. Andy Warren had the idea and I suggested … Continue reading

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Folding for Research

I saw Glenn Berry’s post on Folding@Home and decided to join. I downloaded the client and installed it. From there, I set up an identity and added the SQLFamily team of 236388. I also created a passkey for security with … Continue reading

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Looking Back at the Decade

Today is the last day of 2019, and the last day of the 2010 decade. I’m still somewhat amazed by the fact that we’re entering the 2020s and we still don’t really have flying cars. We’re well past 2001 and … Continue reading

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