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Monitor All the Changes

Can you monitor every configuration change and setting on all your SQL Server instances? Can you get an alert every time code changes, or even if an option for an object changes, such as the changing of an EXECUTE AS … Continue reading

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What is the Future of Monitoring?

I read Tom LaRock’s post on the future of monitoring, looking at the rise of machine learning and complex algorithms to evaluate systems. Tom notes that the data input into a system is crucial in determining whether the system can … Continue reading

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Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring your systems is important. It’s not just me that thinks so, as plenty of experienced DBAs and developers know the value of monitoring. Heck, most people have learned to build some sort of metric collection into their software. Azure … Continue reading

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Gauges and Alarms

I was looking through the news this week and found a piece by Michael J. Swart that I really enjoyed. It talks about different types of metrics that he has used when monitoring and alerting on his database servers. Michaal talks about … Continue reading

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Finding Production Drift

A few years ago when I started delivering presentations about automating database delivery with Grant Fritchey, I was surprised by something. We were rehearsing a talk and Grant mentioned that there were really only two places where we knew the … Continue reading

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How often have you been caught off guard by some issue with one of your databases? I would guess most people have received a phone call, email, or trouble ticket that alerts them to the fact that something has gone … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #66 – Monitoring SQL Server

This is a T-SQL Tuesday that not only makes me smile, but makes my boss happy. In fact, I’m sure that quite a few people at Redgate Software, my employer, are thrilled with this topic since we have a product … Continue reading

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Monitoring After Deployment

Deployments of database and application changes have tended to be stressful in my career. I’ve seen the actual deployment of changes fail, installation programs crash, the startup of an application error out, or the famous blue screen of death from … Continue reading

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Avoiding a DBA’s Worst Days with Monitoring

SQL in the City Abstract: When things go wrong with a database, it can be the start of the worst day of a DBA’s life. Join Steve Jones as he examines the problems uncovered by The DBA Team and how … Continue reading

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The DBA Team #1–Code and Slides

Our first DBA Team event, in Richmond, VA just before SQL Saturday #187 went well. Overall I think our experiment was a success and we’re already talking about where and when we might do this again. In the meantime, we … Continue reading

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