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Looking Back

Things always go wrong. Those of us that build or operate software know that we will have failures at times. These could be while applying a patch, deploying a new system, during a spike in traffic, or perhaps just a … Continue reading

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Moving to a New SqlClient

DotNet developers, if you’re using the System.Data.SqlClient, stop. Move over to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient now. It’s easy to do, well, it’s relatively easy to say that. The actual work isn’t that hard, but it can be a challenge to move assemblies. In … Continue reading

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A Data Controversy

Quite a bit has changed since this article about airlines and the US government.  Since very few people are flying, or even can fly, perhaps this disagreement is moot, but I bet it comes up again. Now, separate from the … Continue reading

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The Developer Arguments for Stored Procedures

In all of the decades that I’ve been working with SQL Server, many people have been preaching the benefits of using stored procedures, In all of that time, the vast majority of developers that I’ve worked with have not wanted … Continue reading

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