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Cleaning Up Stats Data for Volleyball

One of the things I’ve done the last few years is collect statistics as a coach for the kids I work with. Helping them understand how they are performing in competition is important, and it’s a good way to see … Continue reading

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Data Analysis Without a Server

Most of us that subscribe to this site are data professionals, and we work with large amounts of data for our organizations that is usually stored on a server class system, with TB sized, high performance storage systems. Whether on … Continue reading

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Learning some DAX

I’ve not done much BI work in my career, other than simple aggregates in reports. I’ve wanted to tackle projects, but I’ve rarely had a chance to spend time in this area at work. Recently I had a bit of … Continue reading

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The Data Request

Spotify implemented a way to get your data from your profile. This looks at the request and initial data download. The Request When you go there, you see a “Manage Your Data” section. Below this is a “Download your data” … Continue reading

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