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We Don’t Have Perfect Information

I was discussing the PASS Summit with someone and they were wondering about building their schedule. Actually, they wanted to pick sessions, but see the choices in a calendar format, but the schedule wasn’t out. My suggestion was to just … Continue reading

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Super Nerds

I enjoy the game of baseball, playing as a kid and then for a decade as a 40 year old adult. I gave it up a few years ago, worried about the wear and tear of sporadic play. I’m happy … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Data

For a couple years, Big Data was heavily hyped, and Hadoop became incredibly popular. In fact, so popular that Microsoft build HDInsight and Polybase to allow us to take advantage of these technologies and integrate them into our own systems. … Continue reading

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Analyzing Data in Real Time

A few years ago I was listening to a presentation from Microsoft where they touted a customer that had real time analytics with Analysis Services. Since my exposure had been that cubes needed to be processed, a resource intensive process, … Continue reading

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Data Science Education

One of the good skills to have for a data professional is how to analyze data. Most of us could learn more about data science and data analysis for some aspect of our jobs. We are data professionals, so we … Continue reading

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Too Much Information for Sports

Many of us deal with lots of data and information, sometimes conflating the two when they are really separate things. Our jobs usually revolve around somehow  helping others to extract useful value from the data we store in some way. … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Processing

This is really interesting. A computer chip that doesn’t exactly perform mathematical calculations correctly. That sounds crazy, and in some cases it is. Most of us want math to be exact, and work perfectly every time when we run calculations. … Continue reading

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Democratic Data Science

I know quite a few people that are jumping on the data science bandwagon, brushing up on statistics, learning R, and hoping to land one of those lucrative data scientist positions. I wish you good luck, and some of you … Continue reading

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We Manage Algorithms

“Every business is an algorithmic business.” That was a phrase that Microsoft’s Joseph Sirosh used in a keynote at SQL Nexus, talking about the future of software and data. Rather than managing data, many of us will move to manage algorithms, … Continue reading

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Grabbing Fitbit Data

Recently the T-SQL Tuesday topic was Power BI. A cool topic, and an interesting application. I saw Rob Farley build a dashboard based on his Fitbit data. That was intriguing, so I went to get my data. I’ve worn a … Continue reading

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