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Validating Password Expiration

I would guess that the majority of instances I’ve had to manage in my career were those that I didn’t initially install and configure. I’ve inherited more instances than I would bother to count, and I often need to double-check … Continue reading

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The Public Perception of Security Issues

It’s my fault. That’s what I think if there is a security incident with my employer that involves the database. It’s almost my first thought when I hear about issues at other organizations, thinking a technical person is at fault. … Continue reading

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Has Everyone Had a Data Breach?

Almost every time that I attend an event, I’ll end up meeting someone that has had security issues at their company. I’m always surprised how many people have had ransomware or other security problem that didn’t get well publicized. It’s … Continue reading

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Stale Data Causes Security Issues

Security has become better and better in many organizations. At the same time, hackers and malicious actors are doing a better and better job of finding new ways to attack systems. Some work to target specific individuals, often because of … Continue reading

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