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Getting Started with Spawn

I’m excited that the Redgate Foundry is working on some cool projects. The Future of DevOps is one and part of that work is with Spawn. I’ve played with this a little, and I wanted to write about a few … Continue reading

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SQLServerCentral Design–QotD

This is part of a series of posts that look at the changes to the SQLServerCentral design, bringing us to v3 of the site. You can see the other posts with the SQLServerCentral tag. We’re a few weeks in and … Continue reading

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SQLServerCentral Design Decisions–Forum Threads

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Almost two weeks ago we cut over from our older, v2 version of the site to the new (and current) v3. Lots of bugs, lots of disruption, and lots of unexpected items. As … Continue reading

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Lots of Scaffolding–T-SQL Tuesday #107 The Death March

It’s an interesting topic for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, and while I think this isn’t necessarily a SQL Server project, because usually SQL Server isn’t the problem with building complex software,  my death march involves SQL Server. This month’s invitation … Continue reading

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