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Schema Filtering in SQL Prompt

I love SQL Prompt, and I’m regularly impressed by the enhancements our teams continue to make in the product. One item that I found interesting recently was schema filtering. This post takes a quick look at this feature. If I … Continue reading

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Using Parameters in #SQLPrompt

I am a big fan of snippets in SQL Prompt, often using them in demos to quickly get code written. However, I’ve liked the idea of snippets and templates for a long time. These are great time savers, and they … Continue reading

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Prompt in ADS

Ever since VS Code and Azure Data Studio came out, people have been asking for SQL Prompt to port over. I’ve been right there with you, though unsure of the value, given how UI dependent Prompt is for users. Things … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the [NOT] NULL for Columns with SQL Prompt 10

SQL Prompt 10 is out and there are a few interesting things that have changed in the product. One of these is the Quick Fixes, inspired by some other IDEs that help developers learn to fix their code. This post … Continue reading

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