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Getting Started with SQL Prompt 10

This week we released SQL Prompt 10, which is an exciting milestone for us. I remember when I discovered this little gem for Database Weekly and sent it over to Redgate as something they might want to buy. They did … Continue reading

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A Clean Values Clause with SQL Prompt

I’ve had this code in a snippet for a long time: I appreciate the markup to prevent SQL Prompt from doing this, which used to always happen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used CTRL+Z to undo that … Continue reading

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Format a Partial Script with #SQLPrompt

SQL Prompt is amazing and it’s my favorite tool. It’s actually what many people want first from Redgate because it makes coding much easier. One of the most used features is the reformat feature (CTRL+K,Y), since formatting really matters to … Continue reading

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Reaching the Refactoring Redoubt with #SQLPrompt

I enjoy themes, and when I ran across the SQL Prompt Treasure Island, I had to take a few minutes and go through it. I wrote about Code Snippet Cove first, and this post finishes my movement around the map. … Continue reading

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