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AI Data

At the Microsoft Ignite conference recently, I saw a talk that mentioned the Microsoft Garage Project, Trove, which is designed to help people provide data for AI projects in a new way. You can read more about it and get … Continue reading

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Data Cleanup for WordPress Tags without a Plugin

Over the years I’ve had this blog, I’ve added lots of tags. In 15 years and 4,600+ posts, you can guess that I’ve made some typos and mistakes. I’ve also changed how I classify posts, or names of products/technologies have … Continue reading

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Better Garmin Data Backup with MapMyRun

I don’t know that I want to do this every day, but it’s good to know I can grab my Garmin workout data and save it elsewhere. While Garmin was having issues, I went on a test walk with my … Continue reading

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Saving My Garmin Data

With the Garmin outage, I was a little worried about my data. As a result, I wanted to ensure I could get information off of my device and at least save files. I posted a note on Twitter, and got … Continue reading

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