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Is Data the Future of the Vibrant Web?

Data privacy is a fascinating subject. Since the GDPR was passed, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people about the GDPR and the way different people feel varies dramatically. Moreover, the way an individual feels often varies depending on … Continue reading

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Protecting Data Between Services

I saw an announcement this week that Microsoft is shutting down their HealthVault service, where someone might have chosen to store their medical records in a way that it could be shared with health professionals, but an individual could maintain … Continue reading

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Republish – Normal Data

Busy today at the InfoSec conference, so republishing Normal Data.

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Fitting Into RAM

RAM has always been a fairly limited resource in most of the computer systems I’ve worked with in my career. Often there is never enough RAM, and I’d always like more, often to speed up the systems. That has somewhat … Continue reading

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