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Validating a Set of Database Scripts using DLM Automation

The basis of all the DLM Automation from Redgate is a series of PowerShell cmdlets. They might look intimidating or confusing, but they aren’t. This is part of a series of posts that examine how you use each one. Previously … Continue reading

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Getting Team City working with BitBucket

As a part of building a CI/CD home lab, I set up TeamCity in the past. I plan on using this for multiple projects, and in fact, I’d built a basic Hello, World C# application as my first build. Now … Continue reading

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DLM Automation–Making a Database Connection

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is dig more into the command line automation cmdlets from the Redgate DLM Automation suite. While there are plugins for many build and release systems, I should be able to customize, … Continue reading

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Held Hostage by the Database

Your database platform will constrain and limit the flexibility you have in evolving your software. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose, which type of database, or even the format for your data. At some point, you will be dealing … Continue reading

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DB CI: Getting Test Results in VSTS

One of the things I struggled with a bit was getting test results to appear in VSTS from my builds. Here’s my original Build flow: However, when I’d run a build, I got this in the Build summary: That’s not … Continue reading

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Webinar: Database Deployment with Git, Jenkins, and Octopus Deploy

I’ve got a webinar later today that looks at how Redgate Software’s DLM Automation and other SQL Toolbelt tools can be used to smoothly move development changes from one database to another. Sign up and spend an hour with me … Continue reading

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Bringing DevOps to the Database

Abstract: DevOps is a hot topic in today’s software development world. However most of the knowledge and experience with DevOps is based around application software and ignores the database. We will examine how the concepts and principles of DevOps can … Continue reading

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Going On-Prem?

When I started in this business, every company owned their own servers, and had their own data center. Now, some of those data centers were closets (including that for one state government Senate). Some were offices-converted-to-computer rooms, rarely with separate … Continue reading

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The Next DLM Demo Webinar–Feb 23

A quick note that I will be presenting a webinar on Feb 23rd at 10:00am MST. That’s noon EST and 5:00pm GMT. You can sign up here if you’d like to watch. This is similar to other DLM webinars I’ve … Continue reading

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What is the DLM Maturity Model?

I’ve written a few posts on the Redgate Software blog to try and show how I see the DLM model, and how we see things at Redgate. We have a lot of developers that work in a similar way when … Continue reading

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