Adding SQL Change Automation to Jenkins for Database CI

In a previous post, I explained how to get Jenkins running in a container for your local CI work. In this one, I’ll expand on the process for database CI with a quick look at getting the SQL Change Automation plugin added to Jenkins

The first step here is to click the Manage Jenkins menu item from the home page.

2019-07-27 17_14_17-Manage Jenkins [Jenkins]

This gives you a number of items on the right. Scroll down and you’ll find the Manage Plugins option.

2019-07-26 15_41_18-Manage Jenkins [Jenkins]

Once you click this, you see a list of the installed plugins with updates in the right. You also see a few tabs for managing and adding plugins. Click over to the Available tab for plugins that you can add, but don’t have installed.

2019-07-26 15_41_29-Update Center [Jenkins]

In the upper right is a Search box. I entered “redg” and you quickly see the list shrink to the one you want: the Redgate SQL Change Automation plugin.

2019-07-26 15_41_35-Update Center [Jenkins]

Check the box next to the plugin (in the Install column) and then click “Install without restart”. I restart isn’t needed in this case to get the plugin to work. Once you click this, you will see the plugin status appear.

2019-07-26 15_41_46-Update Center [Jenkins]

It should install quickly and let you know it’s done. I did this 4 or 5 times and every time it just worked.

2019-07-26 15_43_32-Update Center [Jenkins]

At this point, you can add this plugin to your builds. When you have a project, this will be one of the possible options. In a future post, I’ll look at actually performing a build with the SQL Change Automation Plugin.

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