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Using SQL Dependency Tracker as a Picklist

This is part of a demo series I did for a customer workshop. I’m adding a little more detail and explanation of the demos of products I gave. A long time ago Andy and I were chatting with the founder … Continue reading

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Unreliable Data Sensors

I like data, and I like cars. I think there have been some really creative and useful integrations between the two. I also think there have been a lot of gimmicks and poorly architect-ed systems, including those that insecurely allow … Continue reading

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Pre-Con in Denver

As prep for our pre-con at the PASS Summit, Kendra and I are presenting a pre-con at the Denver SQL Saturday#908, on Friday, October 11, 2019. We’ll be talking about How to Architect Successful Database Changes: Source Control and Release … Continue reading

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Losing Another Day

I’m going to lose today again. This time I’m headed back to Australia and in flight. I wonder if I’ll get used to this, as I expect between work and vacation, I’ll be coming to this side of the world … Continue reading

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