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Adding ApplicationIntent=readonly to SQL Data Compare

Recently someone asked a good question about SQL Data Compare. How can they add applicationintent to the connection? If you are using Data Compare, and you are reading from production systems, load is a concern. With Availability Groups (AG), we … Continue reading

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Exchanging Schemas with SQL Compare Snapshots

Recently I was working with a customer and they asked if they could somehow package up their schema without the data and send this to a colleague. Absolutely, and that’s one reason we have SQL Compare snapshots. Here’s a quick … Continue reading

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Launching SQL Compare with Context

Years ago Redgate Software started some work to link our tools together. I remember early efforts, about which I had dubious thoughts as to the value. I hadn’t looked at how the work had progressed until a little earlier this … Continue reading

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20 Years of Compare

When we started SQLServerCentral, there were originally 7 of us. We all decided to “invest” $50 to get the site going. With this seed money, we paid for a VM that hosted both SQL Server and IIS. This was enough … Continue reading

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