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Virtual Data

Yesterday I republished an editorial from 2014 for the holiday. The topic was production subsets of data, which has been something that many data professionals have struggled with for years. Many of us have built scripts to delete, change, obfuscate, or alter … Continue reading

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Looking Back at Build–CosmosDB

Part of a series looking back at Build 2017, going over the 20+ pages of notes I took. One of the big announcements at Build 2017 was the release of CosmosDB. This is a rebranding of DocumentDB, the document store … Continue reading

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The Great and Powerful Internet of Things

Will we have the IoUT (Internet of Useful Things? As some have said, the IoS (Internet of Sh**e) is really what we have because of the poorly built, poorly secured hardware and software devices. It seems that almost every month … Continue reading

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The Purpose of a Database

A great quote from a blog on machine learning in SQL Server: “…nobody buys a DBMS for the sake of DBMS. People buy it for what it enables you to do”. The post is from Rimma Nehme, who has given … Continue reading

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Writing the Correct Query is Important

There’s a saying in the data world: garbage in, garbage out. We use that when we can’t get good information from our database because the data we’ve stored isn’t as useful as we would like. That’s a problem, and it’s … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2016

We’re coming to the end of a crazy year. 2016 has seemed to be one of the craziest of my life with world events like Brexit and the US election as well as an astounding number of data breaches. More … Continue reading

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THE Database Engine

Is there a “best” database engine? Is there one database system that you can use for all of your needs? The question is addressed in a long, but captivating, piece at O’Reilly. The author talks about finding an HTAP database, … Continue reading

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One Million

Is a million writes/sec a large number? I guess it’s all relative, but I’d consider it a fairly large number. Our peak transfers for SQLServerCentral are in the hundreds/sec, though we’re not really a busy database server. Some of you … Continue reading

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Yet Another Database

The “yet another” moniker is used throughout technology. YAAF, YARN, YAML, and more ways that people talk about yet another way to solve some problem or build a platform. That’s one of the amazing things about technology is that we, … Continue reading

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Where’s the Unit Testing?

I’ve been a proponent of Unit Testing, especially for databases. I’ve given presentations on the topic and advocate the use of techniques to verify your code works, especially over time when the complexity grows, new developers change code, and potentially … Continue reading

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