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A Database Playlist for Your Mom

Recently someone asked me if I had a video explaining what a database was. I didn’t, but was curious. Apparently, this person wanted to learn a bit about databases as a layman, someone that isn’t technical and doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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The Database Giveth and Taketh Away

How many of you have ever run a database query with the wrong parameters and produced a report that you sent to fulfill a request? How quickly did you send another note to ask the report be discarded as a … Continue reading

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Common Data Challenges

Working with data has proven to be a challenge for most of my career. It’s been fun, and certainly fulfilling, but there are constant challenges involved. Let’s take away the hardware and admin challenges of keeping systems running, backed up, … Continue reading

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The Age of Multiple Databases

I can still remember learning to store data in files, reading one record at a time, testing for end of lines and end of files. It was slow and cumbersome, but for a teenager, it was amazing. We built applications … Continue reading

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