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The Traveling Data Professional

It’s summertime in the Northern hemispheres, and a time when much of the world takes their holiday time away from work. Most kids are out of school for at least part of the June/July/August time period. With many of us … Continue reading

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Back After the Break

Refreshed and back to work today. After a week at Redgate Software for SQL in the City, I took a week to travel in Ireland with my family. In that time, I really ignored almost all email and didn’t manage … Continue reading

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A Well Deserved Break

This week I’m on vacation taking a bit of time away with the family after a week in the Redgate offices. I hope everyone has a great holiday week and an enjoyable Christmas.

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Time Off

This editorial was originally published on Aug 20, 2012. It is being re-published as Steve on vacation. As a US citizen, I’m lucky to work for a UK company. I get a generous allotment of vacation, and desperately try to use it … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year when many people take vacation and get away from work for a bit. I’m going to join in, taking a few days off this week. I was off yesterday, with family in town for my … Continue reading

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In and Out

Travel always causes issues with work. It was the same when I was a production DBA as it is now as editor and evangelist for Red Gate. The tasks I have to manage and complete don’t seem to ever be … Continue reading

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Closing Out the Winter Holiday Season

I’ve tried to write regularly about taking vacation and getting away from work to recharge. I haven’t always done a good job managing that in my life, but I’m hoping to inspire more of you to do better. I’ve scheduled … Continue reading

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A Week Away

Almost. I’m off this week in Steamboat Springs, enjoying a vacation with the family, but I’ve got one commitment: Database Weekly. We rotate the workload, and most everyone else has something this month, so I got stuck with it. I … Continue reading

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A Mini Break

I’m feeling pressure. As I get this post ready, I feel a bit of a buzz from the stress of prepping a number of different presentations for the next month. Quite a few are new, and that always has me … Continue reading

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More Vacation

As I try to recharge and relax, I’m taking today and tomorrow off. Just a quick note that I’m trying to live up to my advice and get away from work when I can.

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