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Database Mirroring Needs FQDNs

A quick basic post, and one that I’ve forgotten. Since blogging is a good way to remind myself of things, here goes. I was testing Database Mirroring (DBM) recently for an upgrade situation. I’ve set up it up in the … Continue reading

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I saw a note from someone that had a database set up in a High Availability (HA) configuration for production. This person had received an 823 error on the primary server, but a failover hadn’t occurred. This wasn’t a critical … Continue reading

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Zero Downtime for 2016

I’ve never felt that zero downtime is possible for a system over any length of time. There are no shortage of companies that seek to prove me wrong, and some are doing very well. For example, when is the last … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #60 – Something New Learned

It’s been five years, and that’s amazing. Not many things last for a year, much less five, but the T-SQL Tuesday party, started by Adam Machanic (B|T)., has been amazing and lots of fun for me. This month, Chris Yates … Continue reading

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Multiple AGs

Today was my pre-con with Allan Hirt on AlwaysOn. It was great, and I learned a few things. I knew a bit about AGs, but Allan has a ton of experience, and he talked about some architectural things that I … Continue reading

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Most of us that work with technology hate downtime. We don’t want a system that we’re using to go down. We don’t want any software that we depend on to fail when we need it. Most of all, we don’t … Continue reading

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The Decision to Fail

We have a number of automated technologies that we can us to seamlessly move from primary to secondary systems without human intervention. SQL Server incorporates a number of these, and many companies use them to ensure their applications are highly available. However things don’t … Continue reading

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Understanding HA

I’ve learned a lot about high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) over the last two decades. Some of the things I’ve learned were from studying, some from experimentation and practice, and a few from hard lessons when some part of a … Continue reading

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AlwaysOn and Contained Databases in SQL Server 2012

This talk is mostly based on contained databases in SQL Server 2012. The first part of the talk goes over the problems with current database movement, the idea of containment, and the implementation in SQL Server 2012. There are demos … Continue reading

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The High Availability Poll

The cost of building highly available databases dropped with the introduction of Database Mirroring in 2005. Without the need to purchase identical hardware for a spare system, it became much easier and less expensive to set up extra systems that … Continue reading

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