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Back to the Big Easy and SQL Saturday #628 in Baton Rouge

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to the Baton Rouge SQL Saturday a number of times. I think I’ve been 3 times and am heading back in a week for my fourth. This is an amazing event, one of the … Continue reading

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La La Land Speaking at SQL Saturday #640

I love LA. In many ways, it’s a fun city to visit, and I love taking a few minutes, even just a 10-20 minute walk along the boardwalk on some beach. I’ve looked forward to quite a few trips to … Continue reading

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Speaking at SQL Saturday #621–Silicon Valley

Once again I’m heading back to the Valley. I was accepted to speak at SQL Saturday #621 – Silicon Valley on April 22, 2017. This is one of the larger SQL Saturday events in the US and I enjoy visiting … Continue reading

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The $650 SQL Saturday

SQL Saturday #596 – Denver BI Edition was held on Feb 25, 2017. In keeping with my idea for a slimmer SQL Saturday, we ran this event for a total of $650. It’s not quite the $500 that Andy Warren … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday–Viking Edition

I’m off to the Viking Ship Museum for SQL Saturday #532. Actually, the Viking Museum will (hopefully) be a side trip on Friday before the actual event. The actual training will be at the Noroff campus in Oslo. This is … Continue reading

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Remember the Alamo (with a SQL Saturday nearby)

This past weekend was the first SQL Saturday in San Antonio, TX. I was lucky enough to get the chance to go, and I was happy to do so. I like to support new events in new cities, and hopefully … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday and the Alamo

I’ll be traveling this week to SQL Saturday #550 in San Antonio. This is my first time traveling to this part of Texas and I’m looking forward to getting a few minutes to swing by The Alamo and see a … Continue reading

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Dreaming of SQL Saturday

I’m truly stunned at the responses I received to my post asking how far people have traveled for a SQL Saturday. I posted here, and at SQLServerCentral. In addition, I got plenty of emails from people, detailing their travels. Early … Continue reading

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How Far Have You Traveled for a SQL Saturday?

A few of you might have seen the recent announcement from PASS about SQL Saturdays. I don’t like the decisions, especially the new 600 mile radius limitation for events on the same day (or consecutive weeks). Kevin Feasel performed an … Continue reading

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Slimmer SQL Saturdays

I’ve had this idea for some time. It’s been bugging me, but I haven’t really been pressured to write, nor inspired. That changed a bit with the announcement of the rules change for SQL Saturdays, as well as a few … Continue reading

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