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The Hybrid Cloud

When various vendors started to push the idea of using the cloud for computing infrastructure, the focus was on moving all your systems to a hosted solution. It didn’t matter if you were interested in IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS solutions, … Continue reading

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Cloud Snake Oil

I’m sure that those of you reading this have a variety of opinions about the “cloud”. Actually, I’d guess that many of us have different definitions of what the cloud actually means. That’s fine, since it’s really an amorphous, marketing … Continue reading

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A New New Microsoft

Microsoft is changing again. Microsoft is reorganizing and the head of Windows, Terry Myerson, is leaving. The reorganization isn’t that surprising, as like most large companies, Microsoft usually does something each year. What is interesting is that they are moving away from … Continue reading

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Cloud Safe

I saw a question recently from an individual that was trying to decide if it made sense to move their databases to the cloud. In this case, management wanted to move, but the technical staff had concerns about Disaster Recovery … Continue reading

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The Cloud is Better In At Least One Way

Many people don’t see the cloud platform as necessarily better run than what they do in their local data center. That might be true, and certainly the caliber of people, their experience, responsiveness, and more can make a big difference … Continue reading

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The Avalanche of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is growing fast. The leader, Amazon and Microsoft, continue to show more and more customers using their platforms every quarter. I do truly think that an increasing number of organizations are thinking cloud first for application development. That doesn’t … Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible?

In college and for a short time afterwards, I worked at restaurants in various capacities. I’ve held most of the jobs available and enjoyed my experiences. I had good and bad bosses and sometimes had to endure questionable practices from … Continue reading

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The Financial DBA

I’ve got an Azure subscription. At least, I think I have just one. I know I have a few Microsoft accounts, across 4 (or more) different email addresses, that I use for various VSTS development purposes, but only one should … Continue reading

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Lots of Resources

I’ve got a small Azure subscription, but there are a lot of resources in my mini lab. Forty seven, to be exact right now. When I look at my bill, it’s got lots of details, but not always easy to … Continue reading

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Naming Conventions for the Cloud

There are plenty of controversial topics in technology to write about. Today I want to combine two of them into one piece: the cloud and naming standards. I’ll leave tabs v spaces and language choices for another day. I like … Continue reading

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