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Cloud Databases

Most of us are used to a database that lives on a server somewhere. It might be in our data center or a VM that exists somewhere, but it’s really an on-premises type of infrastructure. Even if the VM is … Continue reading

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New Cloud Licensing Limits

Licensing is always a complex discussion with SQL Server. Depending on the way you run it, the edition, the version, whether you’ve purchased Software Assurance, and more, you might struggle to ensure you are in compliance with Microsoft’s terms. This … Continue reading

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The Limited Cloud

The cloud is truly someone else’s computer, and it’s not limitless. From the perspective of the individual, it might seem like you could scale infinitely if you need more boxes, storage, or networking, but ultimately the cloud vendor (Azure, AWS, … Continue reading

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The Useful Cloud Tags

One of the things I’ve seen in working with cloud based resources is that you get a lot of them in your account quickly. A database might end up with a server, an IP address, a network, security groups, and … Continue reading

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