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Going Cloud Native

I am constantly surprised at the migration of workloads to the cloud. It seems that many of the customers and clients that I speak with are moving some of their assets to the cloud. Some are moving the majority of … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #139–A Hybrid World

It’s time for T-SQL Tuesday in June 2021, with a new host this time. Ben Wiessman (b | t), who graciously responded to my request to host, and to whom I want to congratulate on an addition to his family. … Continue reading

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Checking Up on Vendors

Many years ago I was in the Denver airport, waiting to board a plane. At the time I was consulting with a small startup company and they called me in a panic, having had an issue with their database deployment … Continue reading

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Cloud Database Growth

The growth of the cloud is exploding overall, with all of the major vendors showing growing lots of revenue growth. Not all of them are profitable, but they are growing. This shows that customers want to use the cloud, and … Continue reading

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