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A Cool Image

Maybe we can get Chris Spalton to do some of these for all our events? I really like it. Just a few days until SQL in the City Summit – London

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Customizing Statistics Histogram in SQL Server 2019

The use of statistics in SQL Server is tightly embedded in the query optimizer and query processor. The creation and maintenance of statistics is usually handled by the SQL Server engine, though many DBAs and developers know that periodically we … Continue reading

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Fun at Work

I am lucky in that I get to travel and speak at a number of events every year. As a result, I meet lots of people in a variety of situations. Many of these places have a social component and … Continue reading

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Silly Photos at Work

Someone I stumbled across this picture of @brento on my drive. This might be the best one: And this was a good time: However, I have a collection of silly moments. Enjoy.

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