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Executing Notebooks in a Stored Procedure

Jupyter Notebooks are a popular way of consolidating a number of code batches together and them executing them as separate batches or all together. These are essentially a document with notes and code, all of which are stored together. Databricks … Continue reading

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Easy SSIS Package Compare

I’ve been asking for a way to compare SSIS packages for a long time, and finally Redgate has released an early access version. Years ago we had an internal version, but the visual comparison format was a problem. Really, we … Continue reading

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I was reading about how 2020 ruined time for an author at The Verge. I agree. I find that March feels like an eternity ago, but so much of the hours and days between then and now have blended into … Continue reading

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The Silliness of a Group

Recently we had a quick online tutorial for Mural, a way of collaborating online with a group. It’s often used for design, but it can be used for brainstorming and more. There are templates for standups, business models, roadmaps, and … Continue reading

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