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Easy SSIS Package Compare

I’ve been asking for a way to compare SSIS packages for a long time, and finally Redgate has released an early access version. Years ago we had an internal version, but the visual comparison format was a problem. Really, we … Continue reading

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I was reading about how 2020 ruined time for an author at The Verge. I agree. I find that March feels like an eternity ago, but so much of the hours and days between then and now have blended into … Continue reading

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The Silliness of a Group

Recently we had a quick online tutorial for Mural, a way of collaborating online with a group. It’s often used for design, but it can be used for brainstorming and more. There are templates for standups, business models, roadmaps, and … Continue reading

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A Travel Milestone: Two Keystones

I used to travel a lot. Last year I flew over 140,000 miles in the air, drive another 1000 or so on vacation, and visited numerous countries. It’s hectic and hard at times, but it is very enjoyable when my … Continue reading

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