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May the Force Be With You

I’ve never done much more than give a passing smile when I see all the posts and notes about May 4th from geeks around the world. I was a huge Star Wars fan as a child, and the original is … Continue reading

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The Car Game

I started this on Facebook, privately with friends. I heard about it from one of them and liked it. I didn’t get many guesses, so I took a chance and posted on Twitter. Some good guesses, but I decided to … Continue reading

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Cursors Without Performance Penalties

One of the very common ways that many developers learn to write code is through loops. Almost every language as some sort of FOR and WHILE looping structure. Many people build these in T-SQL, which often creates performance issues as … Continue reading

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Looking Back at the Decade

I started a thread on Twitter,looking back at the decade in pictures. I had a hashtag (#decadeofmemories), but there are lots of those. If you’re interested, flip through my feed from this tweet back.

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