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Quitting VIM

I saw this post from Joel Spolsky lately, noting that Stack Overflow has been helping 1 million developers exit VIM. It’s a funny post, but one that has some truth in it. I’ve gotten into VIM, almost always from git, … Continue reading

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The History of the World, I Guess

The lighter side. From my kids, and since there’s some science and it reminded me of the Big Bang Theory. Have fun.

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Tell Me a Joke

It’s April 3rd today, and I’m a little sad. We missed April 1 here at SQLServerCentral. The date was on a Saturday, and we don’t send a newsletter on that day, so there wasn’t any opporunity for a prank. Running … Continue reading

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SnowCrash for SQL Server

Years ago I read Snow Crash and really enjoyed the novel. In it, a virtual reality world exists, where many people connect to and roam about in a virtual world, experiencing various 3D type views of applications, systems, and data. … Continue reading

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#SQLFamily Feud

I’ve started a new project. Actually, I started this well over a year ago, but I lost track of it and last week, despite the craziness, I was reminded of the effort and decided to get it going. What is … Continue reading

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Costumes at the PASS Summit

tl,dr; We’re raising money for Doctors without Borders. Donate and a few of us will dress up at the Summit. You don’t have to attend the Summit to have some fun here. Last year a bunch of us agreed to … Continue reading

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Halloween at PASS–Donate for some fun

This year’s PASS Summit will end on Oct 30, which is just before Halloween in the US. I’m sure lots of people will have some fun on Friday, though I also suspect we’ll see no shortage of people leaving early … Continue reading

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Microsoft Exercise

Have we got a deal for you! Microsoft is concerned about the health of your company and is doing something about it. There’s a trend in modern society of obesity, complacency, and general laziness. Not only does is this bad … Continue reading

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The Lineup

Can you pick me out?  

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The Geek Costume

It’s Halloween, and while many of you are too old to dress up in a costume, some of you may be planning on joining your kids for trick or treating, or even attending a party of some sort. It can … Continue reading

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