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The Complexity of Metrics

Monitoring your SQL Server instances is important to ensure you can meet your SLAs. Availability, performance, reliability, quality, whatever you care about, it’s important that whoever is responsible is looking at how the database is performing. At Redgate, we have … Continue reading

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Minimize Typing

It couldn’t have happened to a worse set of people, and I’m glad it did, but I’ll still take a positive lesson out of this. A hacker sent a typo in a command to a botnet and lost control. That’s … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #158–Implementing Worst Practices

Not that I’m looking to do this, but that’s the invitation from Raul Gonzalez this month. This is the monthly blog party where we write on a topic chosen by the host. All topics are tracked at T-SQL Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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Upgrading SQL Server Central

The decision to upgrade database servers can be a complicated one that involves features, costs, and support requirements. While I think many people would love to run database systems for ten years, often there are concerns about support, which effectively … Continue reading

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