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Finding Failed Job Steps

Kendra’s query was a good starting point, and I used most of it in the first CTE shown below. This query basically looks at msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory and msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity, joining them on the job_id, which is the PK. However, we are only … Continue reading

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More Interactive Notebooks from MS Docs

I saw a note from Microsoft recently that they are trying to improve some of the support experiences for customers that are going through their docs. The idea is to make it easier for a customer to get a rich … Continue reading

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Deploying SQL Server Automatically

I’ve had to install SQL Server many times over the years. Often it has felt that most of these installs were one-offs, a dev server, a new QA instance, a production server for a brand new application. A few times … Continue reading

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Essential Operations

It would seem obvious, but IT Operations staff are often essential to ensuring that systems and business can keep running. From websites to email to VPNs, many of the companies in which I’ve worked don’t have systems that will run … Continue reading

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