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Hard Drive Reliability

Do any of you still use hard drives? I’m sure some of you do, and I’m also sure plenty of you aren’t sure if you’re using HDDs or SSDs. For some of us, the hardware is just a set of … Continue reading

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Remember the Simple Things

This is a hardware post, and not at all database related, but it reminds me of troubleshooting problems in my career, and of a lesson that I thought I’d learned well. Apparently that isn’t the case. Over the last year … Continue reading

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Setting Up Pi-Hole.Net

I saw a tweet a short time ago from Drew Furgiuele about pi-hole.net. He noted this was a near use of a Raspberry Pi, and I wanted to give it a try. I got one awhile ago, and used it … Continue reading

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The Data Submarine

For some reason, this came to mind: under the sea, under the sea. That’s what I thought of as I was reading about Microsoft sinking a data center. There are probably jokes to be made about Microsoft and sinking, though they’re less … Continue reading

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