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The Relational Database is the Default

It seems that I regularly meet people in the SQL community that are asked about moving their datastore to a NoSQL type of database. In a mature system, that might be a conversation worth having, especially if there are issues … Continue reading

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This Made Me Laugh: SQL v NoSQL

It’s a humorous history lesson on SQL (and product promotion), but it opens like this: SQL awakens to fight the dark forces of NoSQL From there it looks at the beginnings of SQL and the growth of NoSQL, going through … Continue reading

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The Full Court CosmosDB Press

This year at the PASS Summit, Dr. Rimma Nehme (b|t) will give another keynote address. She has spoken at a number of previous Summits, and is a very popular speaker. This time her topic is CosmosDB, which is where she’s been … Continue reading

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Losing Rows

There has been a lot of hype in the last 3-4 years around NoSQL databases. Note that NoSQL isn’t Not SQL, but rather Not Only SQL, implying that the SQL language still has a place here. In fact, a number … Continue reading

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How Much Eventual Consistency Do You Have?

There’s a never ending debate about NoSQL v RDBMS systems that seems to polarize the people that prefer one technology over the other. In fact, it seems that every time I talk to someone that dislikes NoSQL technology in general, … Continue reading

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NoSQL Complaints

I think that NoSQL databases are a really interesting set of technologies, however they aren’t necessarily a panacea for many problems, including scalability. There are likely some problem domains where a particular NoSQL technology might work better than an RDBMS, … Continue reading

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Relational By Default

I’ve read a few pieces from Vladimir Khorikov and I tend to like the thoughtful way in which he approaches building software. When I saw a link to his SQL v NoSQL databases, I was intrigued to see what his thoughts would … Continue reading

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NoSQL Inside SQL Server

There has been quite a debate the last few years between using NoSQL and SQL Server as data stores for different applications. We’ve seen a great deal of interest from developers in document stores as the data structures are closer … Continue reading

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Pre-built or Ad Hoc

One of the advantages of NoSQL databases id that the schema and organization of data is very flexible. The various types of databases usually allow the schema or organization of data to vary across entries. I hesitate to call them … Continue reading

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You Better Learn to Work at Scale

Early in my career, I worked on a large Novell Netware installation. We bought a server that was about 1/4 the size of a modern rack, which contained a number of blade slots each holding some type of hardware: CPUs, disk adapters, … Continue reading

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