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Storage that Expires

Whether you like the idea of the GDPR (and the new California law), I’m sure you agree that these laws will likely change our data handling in business. Even if they are weakened through legal challenges, many companies have already started to comply … Continue reading

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It’s Azure T-SQL Tuesday #103

I’m slightly surprised that there haven’t been more invitations about Azure, with the main development branch of SQL Server being in the Azure cloud, but I’m glad this one came along. The invitation is from Björn Peters, and he asks … Continue reading

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Cleaning up Azure Client IPs

I travel around, and as a result, I may find myself accessing my Azure databases from different locations. Since it’s a quick click and login to add my IP from SSMS, I’ll end up with multiple ones. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Pause and Backtrack

One of the main functions for anyone that manages a database is ensuring that they can recover the system in the event of any issues. My view is that restores are the most important skill and task that need to … Continue reading

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Python Jupyter Notebooks in Azure

There’s a new feature in Azure, and I stumbled on it when someone posted a link on Twitter. Apologies, I can’t remember who, but I did click on the Azure Notebooks link and was intrigued. I’ve gotten Jupyter notebooks running … Continue reading

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A New SQL Server Edition

I first heard about this edition of SQL Server over a year ago, and at the time I wasn’t sure there was much of a market for it. Microsoft disagreed, and they moved forward, putting this in preview and then … Continue reading

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Use the Proper User for Azure MySQL DB

I wrote about migrating the MySQL database from a third party provide to Azure MySQL DB recently. This was due to the provider raising the price substantially for me to host the site. However, after migrating the data, I ran … Continue reading

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Should We Move to Azure?

This editorial was originally published on May 23, 2014. It is being re-published as Steve is out of the office, with a few minor editorial changes. Update: We made a number of changes last year, upgraded the forums, and have continued … Continue reading

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A Tour of SQL Server Security Features

Abstract Protecting data from unauthorized access becomes more important all the time. SQL Server includes a number of features that make data protection and security easier for developers and DBAs with a framework for protecting data. Come learn how Always … Continue reading

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The Cloud is Better In At Least One Way

Many people don’t see the cloud platform as necessarily better run than what they do in their local data center. That might be true, and certainly the caliber of people, their experience, responsiveness, and more can make a big difference … Continue reading

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