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Resetting an Azure SQL Database Admin Password

This is likely something that most people know, but it was a bit confusing for me. This post is really here to remind me and help cement this in my mind. I went to connect to a QA database that … Continue reading

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How Serverless is Working in Azure SQL Database

When Azure SQL Database introduced the serverless option, I decided to try it. I moved one of my databases to the tier, though I had to move to a vCore model instead of the basic DTU setup. I was nervous, … Continue reading

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Put Your Data in a Box

A few years ago I was attending a keynote talk from one of the scientists that works CERN’s Large HADRON Collider (LHC). The talk was about data and how they deal with a large volume of data from experiments run … Continue reading

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Investigating Azure Databricks

At SQL Saturday #884 – Pensacola, I dropped into Rodney Ladrum’s session on Azure Databricks (ADB) and the Traditional DBA. I had heard a bit about Databricks, and read a little, but I didn’t really know much more than a … Continue reading

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