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Creating TAIL on Windows for Text Files

UPDATE: Article changed based on the comment from Mr. Sewell. I wrote recently about making a HEAD utility to find the top few lines from a text file. I used Powershell and scripting to make this work from any Windows … Continue reading

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Creating a HEAD utility for Windows 10

One of the things I did often in my first career job was create utilities that we could use as a network support team. I was an intern coming from university, where I used SunOS and Solaris all the time. … Continue reading

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Using T-SQL over PoSh

Why would you use SSMS/T-SQL over PowerShell (PoSh)? When is T-SQL directly a better option than PoSh? That’s a question I ask myself regularly as I see articles and blogs that discuss how to accomplish a particular task using one … Continue reading

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Republish: The (Former) Complexity of PowerShell

I’m at SQL Bits today, teaching a pre-con with Grant, so I’m republishing The (Former) Complexity of PowerShell

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