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Thoughts on PASS Summit Speaker Selection Changes

Recently the PASS Blog released some changes to the speaker selection process that have generated some commentary and thoughts from various people. I read Joey D’Antoni’s thoughts, Andy Leonard’s thoughts as well as various tweets and comments. I talked with … Continue reading

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A Good Deed After Game Night

When we set up Game Night, we decided to sell tickets to reduce our risk. However, we didn’t have a good way to easily match up the ticket price with the costs of drinks. As a result, we ended up … Continue reading

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Looking Back–Game Night at the 2016 #sqlsummit

I’m trying to look back at some of the events of the recent Summit, and Game Night was one of these. You can read the announcement, but here’s a few thoughts on how this went. First, the day started out … Continue reading

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Looking Back: #sqldinner at #sqlsummit 2016

Last week was the 2016 Pass Summit, and this was one of the few times that PASS did not provide a large party for the attendees on the Thursday night. That brought back memories as my wife and infant son … Continue reading

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Selfies at Summit

Not all selfies, and not enough, but lots of changes to meet people at the Summit this week. The other Steve Jones (not sure who’s other)   And, of course, one from the Redgate SQL Clone party

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Summit 2016–Setup

Tuesday was the first real day of the Summit for me, and a long, all day event. First, a lovely breakfast with Micky Steuwe, during which she presented me with a lovely glass art piece she made herself. I’ll treasure … Continue reading

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Win a Year of Death Wish Coffee at the #sqlsummit

One of the promotions this week at the PASS Summit from Redgate Software is a chance to run a year’s supply of coffee. This isn’t just any coffee, but the Death Wish Coffee, full of extra caffeine. Grant Fritchey loves … Continue reading

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Monday Night Networking Dinner Tonight

If you are attending the  PASS Summit, or even in the Seattle area, we have a SQL Server pro networking dinner tonight. This is at The Yardhouse on 4th Avenue. This is a buy your own event, but you’ll have … Continue reading

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Meet and Greet Data Pros at #sqlsummit

Next Monday night is the networking dinner that Andy Warren and I have put together for the last 6 years. Once again, we’ve arranged for everyone in Seattle to come join in. If you don’t have plans for Monday night, … Continue reading

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#RedgateRocks at the PASS Summit

If you are attending the PASS Summit next week in Seattle, and want to attend a fun party on Thursday night, come by the Redgate Software booth in the expo hall for your #RedgateRocks bracelet. This is your ticket to … Continue reading

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