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Data Modeling Information

Data modeling is something that we should all be doing when altering the schema in our databases. I’d like to think that most people spend time here, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think plenty of people think … Continue reading

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Database Design for Tracking Solar Production

We had a solar system installed at our house this year. I’m excited to see how this performs, as our estimates and research shows this ought to be a good financial decision for us over time. While the hardware that … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open

Not many of us work in startup environments, but many of us do work with new databases that are created for new applications. These might be carefully designed, thrown together, or your database might be constructed by an ORM. In … Continue reading

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A Beginning Project

One of the ways in which developers become better at their craft is by building software. They tackle a personal project or maybe modify someone else’s code. They may work through exercises, solving problems like the Advent of Code. As … Continue reading

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