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Not Useless Features

Some time ago I noticed Adam Machanic had written a post titled The SQL Hall of Shame. In it, Adam notes there are features that Microsoft will introduce in SQL Server and then let die. These are the useless features that … Continue reading

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Keeping the Single User Connection

A reader was having issues with a script. They ran their code from PoSh (Invoke-Sqlcmd), setting single user and then trying to rename a database and its files. However, occasionally, they’d lose the single user connection to another user. Frustrating, … Continue reading

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Changing the Default DB for a Login–#SQLNewBlogger

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers. Recently I got into a bit of a pickle. I was detaching some databases for a demo, which is … Continue reading

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A Tour of SQL Server Security Features

Abstract Protecting data from unauthorized access becomes more important all the time. SQL Server includes a number of features that make data protection and security easier for developers and DBAs with a framework for protecting data. Come learn how Always … Continue reading

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No More Service Packs

The new servicing model for SQL Server is out, with a great explanation from Glenn Berry (there’s also a webcast). The summary is that going forward with SQL Server 2017, we won’t get Service Packs anymore. I’m somewhat sad, as I was always looking … Continue reading

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The New CU Schedule

Is my math right? The new CU servicing schedule for SQL Server 2017 is: 1 CU per month for the first year 1 CU per quarter through mainstream support (5 years) That means by my count, we get this: WITH … Continue reading

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We Have a Date

For nearly half of my life, I’ve looked forward to new versions of SQL Server. At first I was just hoping to see SQL Server run on a stable OS, as the OS/2 1v.3 was my original installation. That system … Continue reading

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Oct 2, 2017 is the GA date for SQL Server 2017

Announced today at Microsoft Ignite, the general availability date is Oct 2, for Windows, Linux, and Docker. Time to get ready to upgrade.

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A SQL Server Bug and Data Security

This week I saw a post from Microsoft Tiger Team on the issues with backup compression and TDE databases. Apparently when they added compression, they didn’t test a few edge cases. Or a few regular cases, like WITH INIT. There … Continue reading

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SSoL: Adding disk space with a repartition

I don’t think most of us need to know Linux, but if you end up managing a system, it’s good to have a little idea of how to get around. This is a short series of posts as I remember … Continue reading

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